Coffee Chart - Technical Analysis

About Coffee Futures

This is a continuous chart of Coffee futures, the contracts expire in March, May , July, October and December. This chart displays a continuous price. You can perform technical analysis to the price using indicators, trend lines and various drawing studies to make a better decision on direction.

Many Coffee producers can suffer financially from seasonal changes throughout the year. Some of these losses can be avoided by trading in Coffee futures. A hedge position can be taken to guard themselves from reduction in export prices. Speculators can also trade Coffee via options. A long position can be taken in buying a call option, and short position with buying a put option. They then have to hope they expire in the money compared to their purchase price.

If you would like to see historical Coffee data we have the last few months on this page. You may be interested in our forecast for Coffee here, where a strength calculation is performed on the current days closing price and displayed on our chart.