Commodity Trading Guide


The First Steps to Successful Commodity Trading

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Commodity trading requires discipline, research, fundamental and technical analysis and choosing a good Commodity Broker, regardless of whether you require a Full-Service or discount futures broker.

This article takes you through the essential first steps into the market.


Finding an Honest Commodity Broker to Host Your Trading Account


Most Commodity Brokers truly use their best efforts to make money for their clients. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do so. Also, brokers need to get paid through commissions. The larger the commission...the more difficult it eats into the profits or adds to the losses.

Take a look at the good and bad traits of brokers.


What is a Commodity Trading Advisor?


For short, they are called CTA's. A Commodity Trading Advisor invests in the Futures Market and tries to make a profit. Usually they are managing large dollars of capital and performance is tracked to show their profits and losses..

We take a look into the world of the trading advisor.


Am I ready To Start Trading Futures and Commodities?

am I ready?

Start with Fundamental Analysis of the Commodity Markets. Learn Economics 101 - Supply and Demand. That is the underlying formula to all Commodity prices. Some excellent sources to learn about commodities are..

Serious questions you NEED to ask yourself before trading futures.