Latest Brent Oil Futures Prices

Last Price Chge % Chge Open High Low Volume OI
60.69 1.35 2.18% 62.12 62.46 60.22 43,330 24,390

Brent Oil futures prices for 2020-01-24. End of day prices only.

Brent Oil Futures Chart Forecast

Latest QA Futures chart forecast for Brent Oil Futures. Prices for QA belong to our Oil Futures area, and are end of day only.

Brent Oil Futures (QA) - Trend Forecast
Updated on 2020-01-24 for Todays Trading Session.

Date Signal Price
2020-01-24 Trend Down 60.69

Our futures trend forecast has indicated another TREND DOWN forecast today showing continuation of selling momentum.

To read further about this forecast see Forecasts Explained

If the commodity or futures price has failed to break below the first TREND DOWN forecast bar within this current sequence, look for a breakout below soon.

If the futures prices are already below the first forecast bar, look for a continuation of intraday breaks below forecast bar lows for trend conformation.

IN REVERSE, keep a look out for a trend failure (or reversal) with an end of day close ABOVE the high of a previous days TREND DOWN forecast bar.

Today's Brent Oil Futures Pivot Points
Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Pivot Point Resist 1 Resist 2 Resist 3
59.79 58.88 57.55 61.12 62.03 63.36 64.27

Those who participate in Brent Oil futures trading use pivot points to identify possible turning points in QA for the next trading day. Pivot points for QA futures prices are based on the previous days open, high, low and close prices. A simple calculation is then performed which provides you with possible support and resistance areas for futures trading. You can see pivot points for all other symbols within the Oil Futures section by visting each detailed price page.