Futures Forecasts Explained

futures prices

Our trend analysis which creates our futures forecasts generates up and down signal bars on each chart when buying or selling pressure builds up in a stock index, commodity or other futures prices. The forecasts are not a recommendation to immediately buy or sell each contract. The futures forecasts are merely a signal to watch for more momentum above or below any generated forecast bars.

Usually the signals show that buying or selling pressure has gained momentum and a new high or low price can be about to happen which will form a continuation of the current trend OR in reverse the futures price is at an extreme, and the closing price of a bar in the opposite direction to the last forecast can show you a decent reversal or stalling point in the current trend.

Let's look at a couple of simple examples.

New trend starting and continuation signals

futures trend forecast

Reversals In Trends

futures prices reversals

Please use these charts as information only. They are not recommendation for any buying or selling. The forecasts are for use alongside your own analysis and research. Please make yourself aware of the risks associated with futures trading.